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Lydia Davis

November 23, 2012

This week, I’ve decided to live-tweet reading the entire Collected Stories of Lydia Davis.

  • The Collected Stories of Lydia Davis is a cute brick of a book. There is something impressive in just holding it.
  • The first story is called “Story.” I like that. I feel calm and like everything has a kind of sense.
  • “And then I go to write, in the third person and the past tense…” Writing stories, if not for LD at least for her character, is about reauthoring.
  • 1/2 closed venetian blinds = metaphor?
  • “Maybe the truth does not matter…” Fiction writers seem interested in the truth.
  • The story, “Story,” is my favorite story so far.
  • The first few stories aren’t long but seem long, knowing that some of LD’s stories are a single sentence.
  • This book seems like a book I’d want to own because then I could dip into it at leisure, not read it all straight through in one headlong rush.

I decided that, since I don’t actually have a Twitter account, there wasn’t much of a point of me continuing to read any more of the stories. So I started reading This Means This This Means That about semiotics, and it had this to say: “Truth and falsity are sufficiently curious that they cannot always be determined. This is particularly so in the world of fiction.”


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