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Haruki Murakami

March 1, 2013

“…this is because the hypertransparency of the water interferes with the perception of distance.”

This sentence reminds me of Tao Lin.

“Time oozed through the dark like a lead weight in a fish’s gut,” reminds me of Richard Brautigan, but possibly primarily because of the fish.

I’ve only been able to successfully finish a Murakami short story. I’ve never read any of his novels. But I wrote a story in which the main character becomes obsessed with reading The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle. I thought of that story, my story, over and over as I read “The Second Bakery Attack.”

In my story, the character is attracted to a bookstore clerk and drinks a lot of pineapple juice. I felt like I really tapped into Murakami without needing to have read him. I skipped right over it, straight to understanding. “We talked about the relationship of bread to Wagner for days after that,” Murakami wrote in the bakery story. The pinapple juice in my story, I felt, was related in some way to the bread in the bakery story, as they both were related to some other thing that stands obscurely and askewly off from it.

I kept having these deep stirrings reading this story which was funny about robbing a McDonald’s, and I thought about Ofelia Hunt and about the connection of something very serious, like violence or a serious writing style, to something not very serious, like jokes or common vernacular.


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